Pet Industry Coalition-Introduction

Welcome to the Pet Industry Coalition! We are a group dedicated to educate the public and petcare industry on the importance of running and contracting petcare businesses that are compliant. Compliance protects the business owner as much as it protects the consumer. One component of compliance is providing the proper insurance and training that is needed to ensure pets are kept safe. Did you know that not providing Workers Compensation insurance to walkers/sitters opens up the client to being sued and for business owners to personally and criminally be liable should an injury occur?

We don’t want you to be hurt by fines imposed by government entities or lawsuits that result in potential business closure. We want to provide you with the education and knowledge that lets you sleep better at night knowing you are doing everything by the book and lawfully. When you join our Coalition, you don’t become a faceless member in another cause; we want to develop a personal relationship with you to figure out how we can best help you. We have a team of experts available to assist you with anything from startup questions to more in-depth operational inquiries.

The PIC wants to make each business owner an expert at their craft. Let us help you!