1) Why did you start your dog walking business?
Like all of us, I’m an animal person at heart and have always been heavily involved in dog rescue. My dog Addison was adopted from a local organization and I’ve been as member of the associate board for my favorite dog rescue, One Tail at a Time. After spending the first part of my career in fast-paced financial markets, I decided to follow my passion by founding Field Days Dog Walking. Being able to own & operate a business while simultaneously care for animals is a dream come true.

2) What do you enjoy most about running Field Days?
Taking care of dogs & cats all over the city and knowing that our clients trust us to do so — almost as if we’re a part of their family! 

3) What are the biggest challenges you face? 
Managing daily operations while employing part-time staff who have plenty of other obligations, responsibilities, and passions outside of work — e.g., school, theatre, music, art, freelance. Don’t get me wrong, my employees are wonderful…but when part-time work is often secondary to grad school or theatre performances, there’s a lot of compromises we make as owners in order to keep employees happy and engaged, while staying on top of new legislation & ordinances that affect our business.
4) What are the biggest industry challenges you foresee?
Regarding our clients (and potential clients), there’s an obvious trend with their employers increasing work-from-home allowances, which in turn affects the consistency of our daily dog walking schedules. Being able to accommodate their pet care needs, as well as our own employee efficiency & compensation, while making policy & scheduling adjustments to offset a potential revenue plateau is a never ending struggle.

5) What types of topics can you assist PIC members with?
I am more than happy to assist with finding the right do-it-yourself software solutions for smaller business owners, especially those who may still be in-the-field on a regular or daily basis. I enjoy staying up-to-date on new software to increase productivity and efficiency. Feel free to ask me about payroll, workers comp, bookkeeping, merchant services, or benefits!